This 2 is Love


Love is the interdependence between all things, it is the very fabric of creation. We often think of love in terms of intimacy, sexuality, nurturing, friendship, familial, but this author posits that the raging storm with thunder roaring and lightening flashing is also love. That the lion’s fangs sunk into the exposed throat of the deer is also love. So when you wake to blackened skies and thunderous rains say not ‘oh what an awful day’ say instead ‘this 2 is love’.









Endangered Speeches


Poetically written Spoken Word that speaks and appeals to the mindset of the Post-Maafa (Black Hellacaust) Afrikan. The author constructively identifies problems in such a skillful way that the embedded solution is revealed. This is the level of Poetically constructed Spoken Word that was instrumental in ushering in the Renaissance of Poetry experienced in the mid 1990s in which the consciousness of the Post-Maafa Afrikan was being raised to the ‘WE’ degree away from the ‘it’s all about me’ or the ‘I’ degree. The Title ‘ENDANGERED SPEECHES’ was chosen because it is the type of work that is in danger of becoming extinct, it is not a comfortable read but it is comforting to those willing to confront truth, it is also the type of work that places the authors of such work on someone’s endangered list because those who are confronted by truth but are not willing to be often desire to ‘kill the messenger’ figuratively and for our Spoken Word warriors who spoke truth to Power such as Malcolm, Lumumba, King and others all too literally. ENDANGERED SPEECHES is a read that goes beneath the surface of politically correct speeches and touches the reader at the core of consciousness, the work is encouraging, uplifting, chastising, and insightful, enjoy your copy of this great work.