About Us

Rudwaan is Eternal Spirit having a human experience as an Afrikan born in Tobago currently living in America. To him Spoken Word is not just a stage performance but a lifestyle, a way of being, of thinking, it is in the conversations he engages in, and it is in the life he lives, what he writes and recites is his authentic Divine Afrikan worldview.

Besides participating heavily in the movement of the Afrikan Collective Consciousness towards Selfawareness and Collective Power, Rudwaan was a cornerstone of the Poetry renaissance experienced worldwide during the 1990s. Out of Atlanta, he along with many other prolific Poets would erect and grow stages responsible for a poetic movement that consumed 7 days a week and invaded venues not originally designed for Poetry expressions.

Rudwaan has successfully converted some of his collected works into two books of Spoken Words; the first debuted in 2012 entitled ‘Endangered Speeches’, the 2nd in 2013 entitled ‘This 2 Is Love’ both are available on Amazon, U.S. and U.K.

Besides constructing insightful and inciting poetic masterpieces such as ‘Ghost of The Shango’, ‘Trouble and Change’ and many others, Rudwaan’s unique view and ability to see various angles has earned him a knack for reviewing movies and other mediums aimed at further damaging the Afrikan psyche. Most recently his blog piece on the ‘Hidden scandal on ABC’s Scandal’ was published by Rolling Out magazine and was well received by the reading community.

Rudwaan invites you to his blog site ‘The lions Tale’ for when the lions tell their story, there will be a different account of the hunt. His views may be unorthodoxed and most often controversial but it is hard to disagree with him. Rudwaan does not just think outside the box, he thinks as if there is no box.