Hollywood says you can leap tall buildings in a single bound
move faster than the speed of sound
even faster than Usain Bolt
grab live wires not even a jolt
journey thru worm-holes and back
you play the Mexican, the Indian Chief you even play Black
you were in the beginning before there was a beginning
you were Cleopatra, Moses even Gods and Kings
you not only received the ten commandments
you were in the burning bush that gave it
you are the Gods of wind and thunder
you can even breathe under water
you are the Jesus in the Christ
the men not the mice
roll the dice
you’re the six twice
all others are but crap
only you can be Bond, James Bond
Idris is just a Black fish in a White pond
you are the conqueror of worlds and universes
you are the issuer of blessings and curses
now this all plays well on the big screen
but in real life you’re the recessive gene
dear miserable whiteman you’re facing extinction
life is not Hollywood this is truth not fiction
you’re at negative population growth
in the end your bullshit floats
now leap that.

Rudwaan ©

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