Ah!! Tobago Sweet

Earth welcomes the morning sun
cocks crow, sleep done
blood flows, manhood at attention
whole Island rises as one
a new day begun
children off to school, maids come
calypso music blasting from roadside props
roti shops prep, farmers tend to crops
noonday heat meets hungry bellies eat
a seaside bath is the main treat
everybody wet with sweat
but all you see is bright smiles and teet
‘good-day everybody’ is the daily greet
to everybody we meet
to the not so fortunate we sharing mango meat
this is Tobago life oh how sweet
the day slowly crawls to a slow stop
daily danglers with thumbs up looking for drop
families called to sup brush teet wash up
children to homework TV news for grown-ups
bedside prayers for all as night creatures echoes their call
before head hit pillow and body meet sheet
start sleep
ah!! Tobago life how sweet

Rudwaan © 2015


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