Non-Violence does not = Non Self-defense

Okay so we didn’t get it exactly right yester-year, but let’s not repeat the same strategy because that’s just insanity

Violence = attempting to occupy a space that is already occupied and you have no lawful rights to that space, taking what does not belong to you by any means including and usually killing the rightful occupants

Soldiers are the arbiters of Violence, they are trained to bring and effect violence on behalf of their commandeers, they are usually very physical and often lack an authentic spiritual connection, they kill because they are trained and told to kill, they do not ask why?

War = restoring the natural order of change to a stagnant or malignant energy, change is a constant in the Universe, it is the rhythm of life, the heartbeat of the Universe, where there is no change there is no life, no-life cannot exist in the same space as life so either that no-life must be warred upon to jumpstart the beat or it must move thru the portal of death

Warriors are arbiters of change, they tend to be very spiritual and answer to an energy vibration over and above the earth-bound manifestation, they are imbued with (con) science (conscience), they will question orders that violate. warriors seek to restore the natural rhythm of life, jumpstart the energy flow, they know that ‘trapped energy traps energy’, when an energy field cannot be resuscitated (rescued) they know how to respectfully and without malice move that energy thru the portal of death.

The European soldier came to the Afrikan Continent and met the warrior, the warrior had never seen a vulture or hyena try to eat the fresh kill of the lion, the soldier being an expert at violence performed outside of the natural laws of the universe, this took the warrior by surprise, understanding this will give the warrior today the insight in dealing with the violence that is being propagated upon and against life.

The warrior must know that they are supreme beings and thus operate on a higher plain than the soldier, to engage the soldier on the lower plain is to give up access to supreme wisdom, to sever access to the Tehuti within, it is this connection that allowed Heru to restore balance (defeat)  to Set, and it is this connection that the warrior must establish today to restore balance to those who wage violence against life…

So says those who came before who now sits high and looks low

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