The re-execution of Denmark Vesey

‘The shooting Wednesday night took place a day after the anniversary of the June 16, 1822 slave rebellion.’

Denmark Vesey organized one of the largest enslaved Afrikan rebellions known, he was betrayed by scared negroes, he focused on the Exodus/SEPARATION of Afrikans out from under the domination of Whites.

Some reports cite that he was lynched alongside (35) other enslaved Afrikans, I trust that is more accurate because that would bring us back to the number (36) = (9) which matches the number executed (6) women (3) males = (36) = (9) even if the accurate record is that (35) were lynched this would also spell ancestral forces speaking thru the tragedy to us in that the execution today was (1) day advanced (from 6/16 to 6/17) so adding (1) to the number lynched in 1822 will give you (9) the number of completion, while there are many more numerical insights this should suffice. Remember, the language of the Universe I numbers, when the Ancestors speak it will be supported by numbers.

Denmark Vesey was able to buy his freedom by playing and winning the lottery (numbers), and without FaceBook and Twitter he organized this rebellion, not a march, a rebellion…note his plans to escape to Haiti and draw the connection we must have with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We have the greatest advantage today with social media, let’s stop wasting time and use it to our advantage, if Denmark Vesey were present in form today he would be pushing us towards the same plans he had in 1822 = (4) = truth (Ma’at) = (Mother) that is justice against yurugu (REPARATIONS) and Exodus from under the rule of Yurugu (SEPARATION).

We spent (7) years mourning the pain of the Maafa (Black holocaust) then and now on 6/16 = (4) of each year, our mourning is at an end, it is time for action now, so dry your tears, blow your noses and look towards a future where we don’t have to tell ourselves that Black Lives Matter because it simply will. JOIN THE REPARATIONS MOVEMENT in your area whether it’s NCOBRA in the USA or the CARICOM REPARATIONS MOVEMENT in the Caribbean, I’m sure there are movements in Europe as well, if there isn’t then start one and let’s use social media to join arms.

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