In opening my first ‘brick and mortar’ business with my talented and experienced business partner Nikki Chavis​, I learnt that any electric outlets at least 3ft from any water source must be GFI electric outlets, these carry a trip-switch to cut power in the event of compromise, you see them in your bathrooms and by the kitchen sink.

Nubian Natural Hair Salon Inc.​ is also a place to learn, learn how to run your own business and remain community oriented, learn supreme customer service.

Contact us to learn how you can inter-act with Nubian Natural Hair Salon on the Natural Gain/Gain instinct of all Nubians. Get your hair attended to by skilled and caring Nubian Stylists. Talk to us about using the Salon to promote your art, body/hair products/unique adornments etc.

NUBIAN NATURAL HAIR SALON ************ 470-823-4945
NIKKI CHAVIS ************ 678-651-6329
RUDWAAN ************ 404-392-9917

5851 Buffington Rd, Ste. D
Union City, GA. 30349

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