Do Black Women Inadvertently Empower The De-masculinization of The Black Male?

Do Black Women Inadvertently Empower

the De-masculinization of the Black Male?


The Stark truth of the matter is that the ‘sagging pants’ behavior is a direct projection of the Prison Industrial Complex, in which males whose manhood have been compromised sag their pants to denote their sexual availability and vulnerability to other male inmates. This is no different than the prostitute who strolls the streets in the shortest, tightest skirt, propped up on the highest heels, revealing as much of their anatomy as the legalese system will allow in order to attract customers.

The sisters who allow such Black males to be comfortable in their presence are inadvertently empowering such behavior. Their response to a brother who comes into their presence with his pants half-way to his ankle, exposing his under-wear clad asset to them, should be the same as if he came into their presence with his fly open exposing his penile anatomy, with revulsion and embarrassment she would say ‘brother your fly is open’ as she turns her head. The fact that you accept and or tolerate the

’ sagging’ and ‘exposing’ behavior means that you are lowering your standards and you are inadvertently empowering this errant behavior. It is quite possible that you sisters have been co-opted and your power is being used by the ‘oppressing’ force to empower the ‘de-masculinization’ of the Black male. 

The solution then, is in the proper identification of the problem. Within the walls of the Prison Complex the ‘sagging’ and ‘exposing’ behavior is part and parcel of the environment, it is required, it is supported, it is encouraged, thus if there was sufficient interest to change this behavior behind the walls the structures that serve as fuel for the behavior would have to be eliminated, but there aren’t sufficient interest to change this behavior in that isolated environment with its own codes of conduct, where weak and weakened males serve as surrogate females to alpha and alpharized males.

Outside the prison walls the problem now is with those Black males who claim not to be de-masculinized but mimic this undressed behavior of those who are inside the walls, it is those Black males that sisters are inadvertently empowering with their silence. It is those Black males to whom the sisters are the solution, and that solution being to eliminate the inadvertent acceptance to the Black male (or any male) exposing themselves to her, it is this silent acceptance coupled with granting these Black males the privilege of feeling comfortable while exposing themselves that serves to empower the behavior. Once these Black males see that this behavior is revulsive to sisters, sisters who now refuse them access to their presence with exposed assets, they will confront themselves and influence themselves and each other to change this errant, nasty, and despicable undressed behavior.


Written for The Lions Tale by Rudwaan

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